Angel Baby Is a Professional Masseur Who Is Not Just Beautiful But Able To Provide Good Massage Session.

Below Are The Top 3 Highlights Of Her Services………….

1. Nuru Jap B2B Massage Services 日本水凝胶裸体按摩

2. Chinese/Thai Style Juagen 中泰式抓根

3. ZhongYi Electric Massage Aid Machine : 中医穴位电疗

DDS Bio Electro Massage Therapy is a pH level bio-electrical electro-therapy infiltration technique. This DDS electro-dialysis biological treatment combines the effects of traditional acupuncture, cupping, massage and gua sha and its advantages is regarded by traditional therapists and qi gong masters as revolutionary, beyond other traditional physiotherapy techniques. The therapy can instantly open up the meridians thereby activating the body cells to improve body ventilation, humidity and cold rows, pH acid and correct acid level to treat common health symptoms with immediate effectiveness.

Please Call Or Text Angel Baby at 9082 0713

Name: Angel Baby
Age: 28
Attitude: Service Oriented, Professional & Is Friendly
Body: Slim & Super Busty For Her Small Body Frame!
Boobs: Natural & Soft 36D!
Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Look: Pretty & Super Attractive Babe
Language: Please Call Or Text In Chinese Only, English Know a Little Only
Location: Central, Area Farrer Park

Her Massage Service Package:
[You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60 Or 90 Mins/以下项目可以选]

Nude Massage : 裸体按摩
 [Yes, She Will Be In Nothing During Jap B2B Massage!]

Jap B2B Body Massage 努鲁胶日式身体对身体按摩
[As Per Video, She Will Pour Water Gel Like All Over Your Body & Give You a HELL OF A Boobs Massage]

ZhongYi Electric Massage Aid Machine : 中医穴位电疗 (Only For 90 Mins Booking)
[Exclusive Only To 90 Mins Massage. Bros With Foreign Objects/Metal Piece Inside Your Body Are Not Suitable For This]
[Benefits Include: Good Blood circulation, Improve Our Immune System, Activate Nerve And Muscle Tissue, Regulating the Digestive System, Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Eliminate Fatigue As a Result, Healing Takes Place And Thereafter Regain Good Health]
[For More Info Please Visit]

Thai Style Whole Body Oil Massage : 泰式全身推油
[Circulate Good Blood Flows. Experience Soothing & Relaxing Effects]

Authentic Chinese Mixed Thai Style Massage : 正宗中泰式结合按摩
[Guaranteed Authentic & Good. Combination Of Soft & Hard Massage Techniques. Feel Body Relieved After This]

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage : 头, 颈, 肩部按摩
[She Can Perform Very Good Head & Shoulder! Enjoy Yourself After a Hard Day At Work!]

Lymphatic Detoxification : 淋巴排毒
[Focus On Pushing Factors In One Direction Which Helps Purge Impurities & Clear Blockage]

Kneeling Back/Stepping Massage : 跪和踩背
 [Use Her Knees To Give You a Power Massage On Your Back!]

Catbath, Boobs Massage & Boobs Fxxk : 漫游加性感波推和乳胶
 [She Will Perform Sensational Boobs Rub While Licking Your Sensitive Spot! Boobs Fxxk Available. All Inclusive In Nuru B2B Massage!]

Prostate Massage : 前列腺保养
[Massage Acupoints Around Your Groin Area To Promote Better Blood Flow To Your Precious]

Chinese/Thai Style JuaGen : 中泰式抓根
[The Original & Authentic Juagen Techniques. Guaranteed Your Precious Will Be As Healthy & Strong As Ever!]

HDLY : 海底捞月
[Varies Hands Technique & Movement On Your Precious & Balls]

69 Style Hand Job : 69式打飞机
[Rejoy At The Look Of a Beauty Wanking Your Precious. Her Sexy Moan Will Make You Cum Within Minutes!]

GFE : 女朋友感
[Experience Authentic Massage Session Conducted By a Beauty. You Will Love It]

Services that She Don’t Do:
FJ & Services Not Mentioned Above.
Other Intimacy Or Request Will Be Based On Your Chemistry With Her.

$120/One Massage Package With Authentic Juagen + 1 x HandJob/60 Mins
$130/Jap B2B Massage+ Authentic Juagen + 1 x HandJob/60 Mins

$150/ZhongYi Electric Machine Aid Massage + Authentic Juagen + 1 x HandJob/60 Mins

$220/ZhongYi Electric Machine Aid Massage + Authentic Juagen + 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins

$200/Jap B2B Masage + Authentic Juagen + 2 x HandJobs/90 Mins

Large Cozy Room With Attached Shower Included

Please Call Or Text Angel Baby at 9082 0713