JC Professional Thai Juagen Therapy专业抓根治疗

❌No Sexual Allurement 色情忽悠级别:
No Sexy photos. No touching of whole body. No HJ. Profession authentic Juagen does not includes any of the above. 不放露胸性感照片 ,不可以摸胸和身体,不打飞机,专业正宗抓根不包含这些.

What Is Juagen?
Juagen is a form of therapeutic reflexology with healing effects for the kidneys, the liver, prostate, spleen and pancreas, lungs and heart. The treatment is strongly focused on improving blood circulation, bringing nourishment to the sexual glands and organs, indirectly stimulating the libido and higher sensibility and sensitivity of nerves in the area. When receiving regular treatments, it reshapes the penis into the ideal mushroom form and increasing the thickness, hardness and size of the penis.

Authentic Thai Juagen Therapy 正宗泰国抓根治疗
Authentic Thai Juagen benefits are Detoxification, Soothes and Repairs damaged nervous system, Enhance fertility and sexuality, Increase in size.

SAANDHHA Indian Oil 印度神油:

SAANDHHA Oil is a PENILE NOURISHMENT OIL for men external use. It helps in treating many male sexual related problems like Small Size, Erection problem, Thickness, Sexual Performance, ejaculatory pressure, Premature Ejaculation, etc. 印度神油是一种男性专用的营养油, 它有助于治疗许多男性性相关的问题,例如体型小,勃起问题,厚度,性行为,射精压力,早泄等.

✅High tech cooling painless hair removal. Both OPT and latest 808nm, ≥ 1000 IPL shot – laser hair removal machines are available. Keeping neat and trimmed hair provides better hygiene and cleanliness. Suitable for most skin types and aid in reduction of hair follicles, directly providing lasting results that are yet fast and less painful with the patented touch cooling system. 高科技冰点无痛脱毛,OPT和最新808nm激光脱毛机均可用, 干净整洁的的下体提升吸引力。 适用于大多数人的皮肤,并有助于减少毛囊,使用专利的冷却系统既快速又无痛!

Ultrasound wave treatment utilizes high frequency, low intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis. It promotes blood circulation, stimulate tissue repair, improve blood vessels growth, prolong hardness, enhancing sexual performance. With regular treatment it will greatly enhance your erection and prolong vitality. 超声波治疗利用高频,低强度的声波来改善流向阴茎的血液。 它促进血液循环,刺激组织修复,改善血管生长,延长硬度,增强性能力。 定期治疗将极大地增强您的勃起并延长活力。

Service Provided:

Ultrasonic Wave Manhood Treatment Therapy [超声波男性治疗]

Prostate Manhood Therapy [前列腺治疗]

JuaGen [抓根]

Hair Trimming [修阴毛]

Laser ≥ 1000 IPL Shot Hair Removal Treatment [脱毛 / 激光脱毛治疗] ☑

JC No False Advice, no Cheating, no Scamming & no Additional Sensual Services or Taking Off Top. JC 不欺骗!不误导!不乱按!不脱衣!不做色情另加费服务.

✖Strictly NOT Allowed: BJ & FJ NOT ALLOWED, and service not listed here, so please respect her!!!

CALL or MESSAGE JC: 9646 8011

Trim hair + Juagen: $120/60 mins, $180/90 mins, $240/120 mins


IPL Hair Removal: $80 Boyzilian IPL ≥ 1000 IPL Shot, Armpit area/$60, Face area/$60


Ultrasound Wave Treatment + Juagen: 1 hour/$200

Location: Joo Chiat
Convenience public parking nearby. Comfortable and cosy place with attached bathroom.

Language: Chinese, English
All races are welcome.