Virlin authentic thai juagen & prostate maintenance正宗泰式抓筋和前列腺保养

超强推荐:新加坡No.1 的抓跟配套。 PREMIUM recommendation : No 1 juagen in SINGAPORE
100% 效果保证 & 绝对一次见效 (100% Result Guaranteed Even For One Session)

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1.Amazing Thai Herbs Dit Daa Juagen Maintenance
This is first level in authentic Thai Juagen. Whole body Amazing cool and hot Blood Circulation feeling. Die die must come and try!
2.Royal hot stone Juagen maintenance
This is level 2 in authentic Thai Juagen. Feeling and effect stronger then level 1. Amazing feeling & can’t describe with words
3.Royal Luk Pra Kob Juagen maintenance
This is level 3 in Authentic Thai Juagen. After you really come and try, u will understand sock and soon feeling plus effective a month. That’s why Thai Juagen so famous.

Authentic Thai Juagen: same as cold and fever. Want to recover quickly, how to eat medicine, that technique not important. Most importantly is that medicine.
So Authentic Juagen important is the Thai herbs. Special is Authentic Juagen that Juagen T Mask underpant.

What is authentic juagen? So far have 3 styles in Singapore. 什么是正宗抓筋?目前新加坡有三种

Style 1:Pornographic bluff style色情忽悠类

put Sexy photos of bare chest. Say How big is the chest size? Can touch the whole body with do hj call juagen. Actually don’t know anything about professional juagen information 放露胸性感照片,说胸部有多大,可以摸胸,摸摸几下打飞机就叫抓筋,不懂任何关于专业抓筋行详情

Style 2:Entry level style入门级别类:

Have learnt and know juagen techniques, but don’t have juagen Thai herbs oil & T Mask underpants. If just use normal oil, however hard to do juagen techniques and don’t do pornographic service. Also don’t use sexy photos bluff customers but don’t have good effects and feelings. because boss or master only teach they how to work. Never teach they how to become boss. they don’t reveal secret about juagen special herbs oil. 有学过懂手法,但没有正宗抓筋的铁打药油,只普通用润滑油。虽然认真做抓筋,不卖身不用性感照片吸引人。但是效果和感觉都不好。因为专业抓筋老板只是教他们做工,不会教他们怎么做老板。不会透露抓筋铁打药油的秘密

Style 3:Authentic thai juagen maintenance正宗泰国抓筋保养:

By authentic juagen techniques and magical juagen Dit Daa oil & T Mask underpants. Amazing feeling and effective. Whole body cool and hot feeling man or woman also can do juagen. can sterilize and detox. Soothes and repairs damaged nervous system. Enhance male and female fertility and sexuality. Promote re-growth upgrade the size. Actually 80% people the sexuality no problem. Just various stress become decreased sexual function~~~so juagen must need use magical juagen medicated oil for whole body.


What is amazing juagen T Mask underpant? 什么是神奇的抓筋T膜内裤?

Private part mask maintenance. Inside the Icefire blood circulation thai herbs essence,Effective Repair the nervous system. 100% make your little brother strengthen the hardness and last longer. Magical feelings beyond your imagination! 私密部位敷膜保养,里面有神奇效果的冰火活血泰草药精华液,修复神经系统,小弟弟更强壮,更硬,硬更久!神奇冰火感觉超越你的想象力!

Virlin authentic thai juagen one and only in SG!Magical feelings beyond your imagination. fast and effectively eliminate fatigue and body pain . soothe the sinews and improve the main body network vessels. restore energy.Virlin抓筋在新加坡独一无二.全身神奇冰火活血感觉超越你的想象力。消除疲劳、腰酸背痛,舒筋活络,强劲精神活力

Take one session~Crazy & Magical whole body icefire blood circulation feeling that last 2 to 3 hrs.This high feeling not other girl’s porn service can compared. And the magical & powerful Sexual function effects can last a month. 一次疗程~神奇的全身冰火活血感觉持续2到3个小时,爽的感觉不是其他女孩的色情服务能对比的 !神奇效果~强劲一个月

Virlin 只做专业抓筋保养!不卖身!不欺骗!不误导!不乱按!不脱衣不做另加费色情服务 (Virlin master only for profession juagen . Never sell her body.No False Advice, no Cheating, no Scamming & no Additional Fee For Sensual service Or Taking Off Top) So please don’t compared other girls about being nude and touch of boobs after u try.

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